How We Started

Perry and Dru Olsen were seeking a way to build a stable income from a side-hustle. They started with one refurbished sectional couch in their dining room and it rapidly grew into a storage unit. After operating out of a few storage units selling stricly refurbished sectionals, the two prayed over their long term goals. Relying on faith and hard work, the couple was fortunate enough to open up a store, selling brand new and refurbished furniture in Houston, Texas.

What Makes Us Different

Our mission is to deliver top-notch furniture options that cater to every taste and budget by embracing eco-friendly practices and affordability. We're passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of furniture manufacturing by encouraging the utilization of elegant, long-lasting pre-owned pieces. Our diverse collection ensures something for everyone, and we recognize the allure of brand-new furniture by including a range of economically-priced, fresh additions in our offerings. We're passionate about transforming your living space into a chic and cozy haven, ensuring style and comfort don't come with an extravagant price tag. Discover the harmony of sustainability, beauty, and functionality with our unique furniture solutions.

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Stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly, our modern sectionals are perfect for any chic home!


Crafted with style and ultimate comfort, your guests will love curling up on our soft sofas.

Love Seats

Snuggle up on one of our trendy loveseats! You'll love your new comfy spot for years to come.

Accent Chairs

Our loveseats are elegant and oh-so-cozy - perfect for when you need some rest and relaxation.

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